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Do UK Bosses Want Stricter Employment Laws?

Business can so often be viewed as a Them vs Us situation, with either party taking on the role of employer or employee depending on your point of view. However, there is absolutely no reason to think like this. Many bosses around the UK are in favour of stricter employment laws as it can protect both them and their employees, and can create a better working environment for everyone within the company.

What Do Employment Laws Do?

Employment laws are very specific and they help to protect both workers and the companies that they work for. Even self-employed people can be subject to employment laws if they have someone working under them in some capacity. They lay out extremely important guidelines in terms of minimum wage, job securities against unfair termination, and hours of work to name just a few of the areas covered here.

While it might seem like these laws were created purely to protect workers, but there are many protections in place for employers here too. It is a symbiotic relationship, and so it is little wonder that many UK bosses are indeed calling for stricter regulations to come into force.

New Changes Urged

The thinktank Centre for Progressive Policy, or CPP, would like to see legal reforms across the job market that have arisen as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The ending of the UK government’s furlough scheme has the potential to bring about widespread unemployment across multiple sectors. With this might also come the potential of worker exploitation and financial insecurity.

The CPP wants to ensure that such issues are prevented before they can come to pass. They have encouraged the government to ban long-disputed zero-hour contracts and to boost the minimum wage again. This should help to remove some of the strain currently felt by workers in many industries.

A Growing Concern

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the UK’s unemployment rates to surge from 4% to 12%, comparable to what was seen during the 1980s. Some claimed that the looser labour laws we have compared to other European natures are what helped to protect us after the 2008 financial crisis. However, the CPP is adamant that new restrictions are needed to better safeguard the rights of the workers in this country.

In a survey of 600 business owners, 64% opted for tightening current legislation and regulations, which included raising minimum wage. 25% also supported a ban on zero-hour contracts, or further restrictions on them for the moment.

With the pandemic showing some vital cracks in the employment protections of UK law, it is important that company bosses stand up and protect their employees when they might be at their most vulnerable.

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