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What Not To Do When Writing A Will

As November is the month of Will Aid, we have decided to share some more tips on writing a will – specifically, what not to do. Writing a will can seem like a tedious task, mistakes are bound to happen. Hopefully, this article will advise you on any mistakes that you are making and provide helpful advice on how to avoid any headaches.

The correct witnesses to have when signing your will

Firstly, to permit a will to be valid, there must be at least one witness present, that fit into the following categories: You are 16+ and you are not named as a beneficiary in the will. If you do not follow this as general guidance, then it is likely that the will could be challenged. To avoid this from happening, make sure that the witness signing the will has no personal gain.  

Amending any mistakes after signing a will

Another common mistake that people make when writing a will is that they try and make changes to their will after it has been signed. Once a will has been signed, there is an official alteration process that individuals must go through in order to make any amendments Assets in Scotland are not listed unless as a specific bequest to a person. The residue which is all that you have after you die once debts and specific bequest are paid, should be left with as a whole or in parts to individuals or charities. Think of it as a pie and make sure you have detailed who the whole pie is going to. Another point to consider is if the first named recipient has died, who would receive their portion of the pie?

Mistakes that can impact your children

For anyone with children under the age of 16, then you can advise who you would like for them to live with, however it’s to be noted that this is only a statement if your wishes and ultimately it would be the courts who would decide where the children should stay. Saying that if you are leaving a portion of your estate to your children who under 16 then your executors would be able to retain the funds and use them for the children’s benefits till an age that you determine. For any parents that have taken up the role as a step-parent, it is important to remember that you state in your will whether you want your stepchild to have anything in your will as simply stating ‘’my children’’ is too confusing.

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